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CharactersPortraits of the characters in any of the Vampire Diaries books.
18 77
Scenes & SceneryArt depicting scenes and locations in the books.
3 7
The TV SeriesFor artwork and manipulations based on the TV series.
14 3
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Random files
elena gilbertposted by: NinaValocomments: 1views: 752
The Twinsposted by: xJessieNxcomments: 4views: 803
Damon in BlueI tried making a Damon painting in colour, using only blue, white, black and light pink. I've always pictured Damon very pale, and this is somehow the result. A beautiful, animated corpse. Had some troubles adding blue into his hair, that's the hard part about using aquarell pencils. And I officially suck at drawing ears, thus the hair covering his ear. And the hair flowing I originally planned to make like a wing, but then I changed my mind about it.posted by: Ladyviews: 622
ElenaComment Please.posted by: damonstefanelena14views: 448
KatherineComment Please.posted by: damonstefanelena14views: 389
Caroline ForbesA scribble of Caroline, how I picture her. The eyes are a little wider on purpose to make them more 'cattish'.posted by: Ladyviews: 376
LJS's "Reds"Various red-headed LJS characters, including Bonnie.posted by: Merrickcomments: 4views: 756
MeredithComment Please.posted by: damonstefanelena14views: 284

Last additions
Dark Saviorposted by: BUtifulDeathviews: 814Jun 28, 2011
the Brothers SalvatoreThere will be a digital version of this to came, but I loved it so much I got impatient and had to share.posted by: BUtifulDeathviews: 446Jun 27, 2011
FirefliesFirst digital piece I've done that I've been satisfied with. Of course it would be Damon. Not my webcomic, not any of the many things I work on professionally, but my fanart of Damon ^_^posted by: BUtifulDeathviews: 496Jun 27, 2011
Like a Catalways Landing on his feet...
this was the original pencil sketch. I uploaded the digital version too.
posted by: BUtifulDeathviews: 1249Jun 27, 2011
Ian Somerhalder by Tanya Olkhovaposted by: Tanya Olkhovaviews: 503Nov 14, 2010
Ian Somerhalder by Tanya Olkhovaposted by: Tanya Olkhovaviews: 538Nov 14, 2010
Ian Somerhalder by Tanya Olkhovaposted by: Tanya Olkhovaviews: 801Nov 14, 2010
Lady Killermy first post and 1st VD fanart, please let me know what you think~! thx~! =)posted by: ucifellcomments: 1views: 612Oct 16, 2010